ManyCoreSoft aims at a world-class specialized company
that leads innovations in HPC

ManyCoreSoft is an HPC company founded by members of Multicore Computing Research Group at Seoul National University. It provides specialized supercomputers, software solutions, HPC programming training, and application development consulting. Its world-class HPC expertise have benefitted many customers and been acknowledged in many HPC application areas.

Supercomputer "Chundoong"

ManyCoreSoft designed and built a heterogeneous supercomputer "Chundoong" together with the Center for Manycore Programming at Seoul National University. Its differentiated low-cost and low-power design reduced its construction and maintenance cost significantly. Its power-efficiency is almost 8 times better than the homogeneous supercomputers at the same performance level. (Learn more)


World-class Research Achievements

The Multicore Computing Research Group at Seoul National University, which is the origin of ManyCoreSoft, has world-class research achievements in the field of heterogeneous parallel computing. It developed an open-source OpenCL framework, called SnuCL. SnuCL has been downloaded and used by academia, industry, and institutions from more than 50 countries.

Rich Experience in Software Development

Members of ManyCoreSoft have long-term experiences of developing high-performance applications that are customized and optimized for heterogeneous parallel systems. ManyCoreSoft has been performing consulting services related to parallel software development for various companies.