Altera and ManyCoreSoft Cooperate on OpenCL Solutions to Enable FPGA Acceleration

Feb. 03, 2015

ManyCoreSoft Co., Ltd. and Altera Korea, branch office of Altera Corporation, signed a memorandum of understanding at the office of ManyCoreSoft Co., Ltd., located inside Seoul National University, that will enable the technical cooperation on developing OpenCL solutions for FPGAs. It will also enable the joint development and marketing of training programs for OpenCL on FPGAs. The technical cooperation aims to leverage the Altera's FPGA platforms and the ManyCoreSoft's expertise of OpenCL to provide easy-to-use HPC programming solutions.

In addition, as part of the agreement, Altera's University Program will set up an Altera joint-lab with Multicore Computing Research Laboratory at Seoul National University, the origin of ManyCoreSoft.