MCS-4240 Clusters

Based on the world-class technology and experiences of ManyCoreSoft, the MCS-4240 cluster system provides incredible computing power for high-performance computing applications. Its liquid cooling system enables accelerators, such as GPUs and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors, to be installed in high density, and enables gaming GPUs to be used as accelerators for HPC systems.



Six AMD Radeon R9 290X gaming GPUs are installed in a 4U half-width node.

High-Density Design

The high-density design of MCS-4240 enables up to 12–16 accelerators (e.g., graphics cards) to be installed in the 4U space (17.8cm height) of a standard 19-inch server rack.(1) Other GPU servers usually contain only 4–8 graphics cards in the same space. This reduces the facility and system maintenance cost significantly.

High-Quality Hardware from HP

Servers and network switches in the MCS-4240 cluster are OEMed to HP. Compute nodes of the MCS-4240 cluster is derived from HP ProLiant SL270s Gen8 server. A combination of ManyCoreSoft's technology and HP's high-quality hardware delivers the best supercomputing solution to users.

Gaming GPUs as Accelerators

The liquid cooling system of MCS-4240 enables AMD gaming GPUs to be used as accelerators.(2) Since gaming GPUs are inexpensive and outperform other HPC-dedicated accelerators, this significantly reduces the system construction cost for the same performance.

Liquid Cooling

Concept of the liquid cooling system


The liquid cooling system of MCS-4240 keeps high-density CPUs and GPUs at a low temperature while a large amount of computation is performed. It ensures the reliability of the cluster and reduces the failure rate of the CPUs and GPUs. As a result, the facility and system maintenance cost is significantly reduced.


ManyCoreSoft's rich experience in liquid cooling has enabled us to provide the robust liquid cooling system. The liquid cooling system contains various sensors (e.g., temperature, level, pressure, and flow sensors) to monitor its health and to turn off the pump unit automatically when a problem is detected.

Modular Design

A server rack of MCS-4240 contains a pump unit, two manifolds, and up to 12 compute nodes. The pump unit circulates coolant through water blocks for CPUs and GPUs in the nodes. This intra-rack liquid cooling loop is 'closed'; i.e., it is separated from the outside of the rack. The heated coolant is cooled by a heat exchanger in the pump unit. Thus, the liquid cooling system can scale up to tens of racks (hundreds–thousands of nodes). Non-spill quick connect couplings help each node or rack to be easily disconnected from the entire liquid cooling system.

Coolant Options

The liquid cooling system supports two types of coolants — water and non-conductive liquid — and users can choose one of them. The water keeps the temperature of CPUs and GPUs below 60°C at full load. The non-conductive liquid keeps the temperature of CPUs and GPUs below 70°C at full load.


  1. The available number of accelerators in the 4U space depends on the type of the accelerators. Contact us for the detailed information.
  2. Other accelerators, such as NVIDIA GPUs and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors, are also avilable.