Parallel computing technology evolves continuously. ManyCoreSoft provides training courses for various processor/accelerator architectures and programming models to improve capabilities of customers.

  • ManyCoreSoft has been hosted "National Supercomputing Winter School @ SNU : Accelerator Programming Winter School" in February, and "National Supercomputing Summer School @ SNU : Accelerator Programming Summer School" in August.
  • ManyCoreSoft provides courses with various difficulty levels and customized contents for beginners to experts.

Case Study: Samsung Manufacturing Technology Center and Hankook Tire

Samsung Manufacturing Technology Center and Hankook Tire take customized training courses in programming Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors from ManyCoreSoft.


ManyCoreSoft provides application development consulting services that helps customers to better exploit their HPC systems.

Case Study: Koscom's IB Solution

Koscom is a financial IT solution firm and was established by the Korea Ministry of Finance and the Korea Stock Exchange to computerize the security markets and related industry systems. Koscom's IB solution is ported to GPUs by ManyCoreSoft and up to 11x speedup is obtained. (Learn more)